Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th, 2013 Press Release!

Chester Merchants Press Release

It's September 11th again. A day of remembrance.
And Otto's birthday !

I went to the blood donor clinic at the Legion on Monday. I am ashamed to say I have never ventured down that red road before. I was quite excited with my shiny new badge and bandaged pricked finger. It all went south when I was told I wasn't eligible after answering a question about living outside the country. All that aside, I would highly recommend this experience. I got to catch up with friends who were there donating and was offered cookies despite the fact I didn't produce the goods. 1-888-2 DONATE
This Week in Chester

Why not stop by Jim Smith's Fine Pottery Studio on Water Street. A finer selection of cooked clay you will not find.The studio's home is the old "Corner Grocery" and Jim still has the exquisite piece that showcased the best penny candy in the world.

On Thursday evening the Friends of Nature AGM  will be held at the St. Stephen's Hall, 54 Regent Street, @ 7 pm.  Guest speaker Hillary Dionne will give an illustrated talk about life and birding on Tancook Island. Have you met Carolyn of Carolyn's CafĂ© fame on Tancook? Now that's a rare bird. All are welcome to attend.                                     

Friday night the man with long fingers and big feet is back in town. Michael Kaeshammer, one of Canada's best known jazz pianists, returns to the Chester Playhouse for his third show. Michael invites you in with his music, not simply playing at you, but immersing you in the musical experience.  Don't miss this.

Wander over to the Fo'c'sle Pub after the show and hoist a few bevvies to the cover tunes of Jason MacDonald.
The Chester Playhouse is kicking off their After School Program with registration on Saturday from 4-6pm for an interactive night of theatre. Bring your child prodigy and sign them up. You can check out the makeup for stage workshop, see what back stage and the mysterious Green Room look like and learn lighting tech with Bob Elliott. You can watch two actors rehearsing a scene from Shakespeare and play some improv games. This is a free event for short ones.

On Saturday night there are two music venues for your auricle canals:

Kathryn Green, Jamie Junger, and the Hupman Brothers are playing at the Magical Musical Shed at 35 Union Street @ 8 pm. Admission is 15 clams. Bring your flask and a chair.

The Fo'c'sle has Good Rockin' Dan on stage at 9 pm. A guest dropped her bags at the house last night before racing out the door in hot pursuit of the Cobb Salad at the Fo'c'sle so you might want to try that out before dancing with Dan.

The Chester Garden Club is meeting at St. Stephen's Hall @ 6:30 pm Monday evening. Guest Speaker Joanne Jellett will do a practical demonstration on saving may wonder what kind. Refreshments to follow. New members welcome.

Next Wednesday evening from 7-9pm the Chester Arts Centre presents Annika Junger instructing on the finer points of knitting. The class is a 3 night event, the latter two being September 25th and October 2nd. Annika will show you the basics of knitting, knitting in the round on four needles, or flat on two. If you know something about knitting you will understand what that actually means.
Winter is coming. Your toes might be quite happy about this class.
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Life's little mysteries:

Why does pizza come in a square box?
Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then pay to see what's on the ground?
Why, when you blow in a dog's face he is annoyed, but when you take him for a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?
Why do we press harder on the remote when we know the batteries are going dead?
Why do banks charge for "insufficient funds" when they know there is not enough money in the account?
Why do people feel the need to check when you say the paint is wet?
Why is there never a day that mattresses are not on sale?
Why do we return to the fridge in hopes that something new has materialized?
Why do we keep running over a thread with the vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, then put it down to give the vacuum one more chance?
Why is it that no plastic bag will open from the correct end at first try?
Why is it when you try to catch something falling off a table you always knock something else over?

Suzi Fraser
for the Chester Merchants Group