Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10th, 2015 Press Release!

Chester Merchants Press Release

While I hate to harp on the weather...I will. It sucks. It's JUNE. Summer solstice is next weekend. We've only just gotten rid of the snow and now it's getting darker ? WTF?

This is global warming? When does the "warming up" part begin? That fog bank sitting behind Tancook is not helping at all.

The Chester Merchants are here for you. Rain/sleet/snow or hail, we are here.

                                                                                     ... seen on a fridge in Chester               
This Week in Chester

Tomorrow night, Thursday, the grades 3-5 present "Puff" at the Chester Playhouse at 7 pm.
Set in Newfoundland the story follows the town grouch trying to hide a lie he told years ago. Determined to get the truth, Miss Wicks, the health care practitioner and her trusted friend Lady Grenfell, set off to discover what's been causing the grouch's mysterious burns. Cynthia, Marla, Bunch and many other souls have been face and eyes into this production so you know it will be top drawer.

Stop in at the Fo'c'sle for a wing or twelve before heading over. Get the sauce "hot on." Divine !

Friday has the Farmers in the Dell back at the Chester train station from 10- 2 pm. Despite the ghastly weather they have coerced/pleaded/threatened their seedlings to grow and are bringing them to Chester for you.

Friday evening the Rope Loft on the waterfront will be serving up prime rib with all the trimmings. They are featuring some local reds so get down there and try them ALL out.

There will be a plant sale from 9-1 pm at Louisiana Pacific's composting facility open house at the Union Hall in East River, 7216 Hwy 329. Jodi DeLong will be the guest speaker and master gardeners will be on hand. Bring your trowel.

We have a new gallery in the Hamlet. Blue Shutters Antiques, located at the entrance to Graves Island, is now featuring seven local artists: Maria Kuttner; Diane Robertson; Dolly Hancock; Gwen Shearson; Simon Copas; Esther Dueck and Pat Christiansen.The shop is open daily from 10-4:30pm.

31 Westgate is back in the 'hood ! They have the most amazing lamps in the front window - and they could be yours. Stop in and see how your living room could morph into something ohh so much better. Ken and Colin were the design team behind the QE II home lottery cottage at Skipper Hill in Chester.

The Chester Playhouse is holding an online auction for a night of frivolity Monday, July 13th. Ten guests will enjoy an opportunity to indulge in fine food, lodgings, and entertainment, hosted at the Captain's House.This event will include a private pre-dinner serenade by Albert Schultz of Toronto's Soulpepper Theater.
A Tuscan meal will be created by Chef Nicola Sweet of "Mrs Sweet's Kitchen" (on Facebook ) using the finest ingredients from local markets. A selection of Italian deserts and fine whisky will follow before you throw yourself into bed.Upon rising, a champagne breakfast created by Chef Leslie Tanton will await you on the deck.

Join Jill Covill of Bunchberry Nurseries, for her talk on heaths, heathers, and companion plants Monday, June 15th@ 6:30 at St. Stephens Hall, Regent Street. Heather and Heaths will be available for sale. (Locklear and Ledger?) Yes please.
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You know that tingly little feeling you get when you really like someone you've just met? 
That's common sense leaving your body.

Suzi Fraser
for the Chester Merchants Group
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