Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28th, 2013 Press Release!

Chester Merchants Press Release

My chestnut tree's leaves are starting to fall.... Each year it's a bit alarming as it's so early, but they are always weeks ahead of any other (I think it's a Chestnut 'lurgi'). I take the positive view that I get to deal with them, and then have a break before the full fall leaf dance.

But it is a sign that things are returning to a quieter pace. In my view, September is the best month of summer - warm days, cool nights, longer shadows and time to breathe....... More time to wander around the village, stop and chat, shop and have a lunch out rather than sandy sandwiches on the beach.

This Week in Chester

The good old Fo'c'sle never misses a beat with season change and continues to serve food till 10pm with live music starting at 8.30pm. On Friday 30th, 'Shawn Hebb Trio' and Saturday 31st, 'Cut, Split, & Delivered'
(Reminder: have you got your wood stacked and drying for the winter yet? If not, do so pronto or there will be no snap and crackle in the hearth when the snow flies)

Chester Harbour Yoga & Massage Therapy invites you to fall back on the wagon and renew your health and fitness goals this Fall. A new term of yoga classes begin September 3rd, with five weekly classes, there is bound to be one to fit your schedule. Did you know yoga improves poise and builds fortitude? Or come in for a physical assessment and massage therapy with Leigh Milne RMT, E-RYT. If you're concerned about diet and nutrition, every Friday Naturopathic Doctor Erin Balodis is in. Call 273 9642 for more information.

Don't forget to buy the season's bounty at the CHESTER ARTISAN & FARMERS MARKET at the Old Train Station/Visitor Information Centre on Hwy 3, North Street Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. There are only a couple more weeks before the growers pack up their tables and peruse the heritage seed catalogues by the fireside. Now's your chance to make all that chutney/jelly/jam that will taste like summer all winter. While at the market, stop by the Train Station Gallery 'Hidden Talents' exhibit - open until the 31st and visit the Oak Island Display. For more info call the VIC at 275-4616.

Autumn is a great time to take note of the bald patches in the garden, to break up the 'bullies', plant a tree, plonk in another perennial. Check out the stock at Oceanview Garden Centre and also the bras hanging in the forecourt in aid of breast cancer awareness. They have already surpassed their target of 1000 (reports say they are close to 1200) but if you whip yours off and add it to the line up, right there and then, perchance another $1 will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation and your bra will end up in Haiti, 'supporting' those in need of support!

If your own garden flowers have faded too fast, pop into Flower, Flowers, Flowers and let Robin put a posy together for you that will make everyone convinced you have the greenest fingers in town.
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small boat

Last weekend's annual Tradewinds Realty Bluenose Championships did not disappoint the crowds ... a T boning, a dismasting and a sinking.
Yes, just another pleasant day of yachting in the Bay.
The winds were brisk- ok - REALLY brisk, and I think a good time was had by all the competitors who didn't have to swim home.
BTW, the Lido will be closing for the season on September 2nd so if you're willing and able, take a dunk, before then, during the public swim hours: Monday to Friday Noon to 1.30 and 5 to 9pm, Saturday and SundayNoon to 9pm. After that it's Freda's Beach, your own private beach or the government wharves.
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