Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23rd, 2013 Press Release!

Chester Merchants Press Release


I had another Thanksgiving dinner on Monday night. Yes, that makes 3 rounds with the turkey bird. Apparently we here in Chester have officially extended Canadian Thanksgiving to a two week celebration. The Gobble and Wobble event is alive and well here in the Hamlet.

Lily Pulitzer has left town.The summer pink and greens are all gone. It's just us chickens, because there is certainly no turkey left !

Winter is coming.
This Week in Chester

Our artist in residence, Malcolm Callaway, has donated this lovely painting to PRO kids for a fundraising raffle. You may visit it and buy tickets at the Municipal Recreation Office until 4:30pm today. Tickets are for $2 each for 3 for $5. Drawing takes place @ 9 am tomorrow, Thursday, at the Municipal Building. Run Forest, run!

The Chester Trust has the ideal Christmas present for those on your list that will last a lifetime and longer - literally! Lightfoot Tower Time Capsules are still available : 12" long @$100 or 6" long @$50 ; both sizes being 4" in diameter.  Size matters.

The time capsules are going to be entombed at the base of the soon to be restored Lightfoot Tower, in the garden of Zoe Valle Library, on Regent Street in July of 2014, with strict instructions NOT to be opened until 2064.  Half the fun is choosing what to put inside to amuse future Chesterites, the other half working on how to stay around long enough to see it opened !

Capsules may be purchased from Dolly Hancock at 275 4991/  She is the official 'sealer' and will guard your treasure until entombment. Deadline for filled capsules is June 31st June 2014. All funds will go to the restoration in progress and future maintenance of the Lightfoot Tower. You can't top THAT at Costco!

The Rope Loft is Rolling Out the Barrel... Thursday night they have icy cold draught for $2. Join them for a frosty bevvie and some tasty half price appetizers from 5-8pm.

Friday night the Fo'c'sle Pub has FOG (Four Old Guys) on stage at 9pm. Hmm, I wonder how old? Wax museum quality or slightly younger? Get on down there and find out for yourself.

Saturday night the Fo'c'sle has bottles of wine on for HALF price to enjoy with your evening meal. What are you waiting for?

Nicki's Inn is open for evening meals from Thursday to Sunday every week until December 8th. Get there for your little piece of heaven before your time is up - so to speak. Don't forget carnivore Sundays from 5-8 pm.
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Next Monday the Chester Municipal Heritage Society is hosting film maker Colin MacKenzie who will be speaking about "Balakrishnan", the East River elephant, at St. Stephen's Community Hall on Regent Street @7 pm. He welcomes any personal stories or photos you may be willing to share. All welcome. 

Our 2013 Gingerbread Festival is almost ready to launch. Gingerbread houses must be delivered for judging by November 28th. There is $$$$ to be won.Turn the oven on and get busy !

Why is "abbreviated" such a long word?

Suzi Fraser
for the Chester Merchants Group