Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19th, 2012 Press Release!

Chester Merchants Press Release

Both Friday and Saturday last week were very busy next door at the Post Office. Adam Connolly was the man of the hour. His tree carving "Sea Beyond" was officially unveiled and our councillor, Brad Armstrong, presented him with the "Maritimer of the Week" award on behalf of ATV. A huge thank you to Adam for donating his entire summer and expertise as a fundraiser to PRO Kids, and for sharing all the tree sawdust with me.

On other village notes, our stone bridge finally got a Provincial heritage designation. A huge "thank you" to Joanne Grant,Gail Smith,Butch Heisler and everyone else who helped make this happen.
This Week in Chester

Tim Harris has thrown his hat in the ring for the Liberal Party. Tim will now be wearing a red tie. Climbing Kilimanjaro was not enough apparently. He had his kick off last night. For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to speak with Tim, feel free to contact him at 275-7611

Tomorrow night, Thursday, @ 8pm the Chester Playhouse will host the premiere of Odd Ducks, written and directed by Bryden MacDonald.
In a new venture for the Playhouse, MacDonald was commissioned by the theatre to write an original comedy.
In this new production, Ambrose Archibald is a charming self-absorbed rogue who believes in always speaking the truth to his few remaining friends, but he can't stop lying to himself. Welcome to Tartan Cross, where skeletons rattle in closets with the intensity of a marching band. This is the story of four characters trapped in a tragedy that is essentially a comedy because really, without comedy, nothing can be taken seriously.
Odd Ducks runs from Sept 20th - 22nd and Sept 26th - 29th @ 8 pm, with  matinĂ©es on Saturday, Sept 22nd  & 29th @ 2 pm.There is a Pay What You Can performance on Wed Sept 26th.

On Friday the Chester Seaside Farmer's and Artisan Market is on the docket at the Parade Square from 2-5 pm. Harvest(y) type goodies are appearing. Squash, pumpkin, parsnips, turnips... that kind of stuff.
Egads ! I saw Christmassy things at the dollar store this week. Good gawd, we haven't even pigged out on Thanksgiving turkey and already we are having Ho Ho Ho items clogging up the shelves.

I am happy to report that Derek Delamere, the Rope Loft publican, is still with us and back on his perch on the porch on Water Street.

If you want to do a weekend away and spend some time with us here in the Hamlet we have a few overnight accommodation choices.

Nicki's Inn is located in the theatre district on Pleasant Street and offers not only divine beds but also superb dining. Eat, drink and fall into bed. It doesn't get any better than this.

In East Chester there is Gray Gables, a "Luxurious Comfy Cozy/Ocean View/ Canada Select 4.5 STAR* Bed and Breakfast in Beautiful Chester Nova Scotia. We offer a healthy delicious breakfast with a million dollar view! Three guest rooms with full en-suit baths and many Amenities.
Whether you're enjoying a morning coffee on the veranda or a glass of wine in the Outdoor Hot Tub, Gray Gables has the luxury of a great B&B with the relaxation and comforts of home!"  Text and photo kindly supplied by Jacqui and David Hiltz, the proprietors.
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There is also the Mecklenburgh Inn which is conveniently located between the NSLC and the Fo'c'sle Tavern.

On Saturday at the Chester Arts Centre, one of Nova Scotia's outstanding painter and activists, Al Chaddock, will introduce you to the joys of creating dry brush watercolour.  Al is a master of the art, and insists much can be done with this ancient art form.
Expect a day of passion- it IS Al after all - art history, philosophy and humour, from 10am - 4 pm. $85/a materials list will be supplied. 

On Wednesdays, September 26, October 3, 10, 17 and 24, learn the Art of Drawing with Jenny Carton. You will learn how to skillfully render an object and how to use different media to make yourself a drawing you can be proud of. Build your skills and learn to analyze the detailed drawings of established artists. $130 for all five classes, which take place from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. Material list to be supplied.

The Warp and Woof are showing their customer appreciation with the Biggest Sale Ever beginning Saturday, Sept 29th with 35-50% off and running until Sunday, Oct.14th.  There are some great deals on most merchandise. Don't wait to do your Christmas shopping - buy now as everything must go.

There will be no press release next week. You'll have to scour the Progress and the Masthead for news. Your scribe is taking the week off.

This from the Hubbard's Farmer's Market folks - which is on Saturday morning BTW

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook."
Suzi Fraser

for the Chester Merchants Group

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12th, 2012 Press Release!

Chester Merchants Press Release

Be careful what you wish for. Last week I asked for rain and God delivered -  boy, did he deliver! This week I am asking for the winning Lotto number as I seem to be on a roll here.

The spiders have moved in again. They all seem very happy here at the Meck, so much so that I would deem them "long term stays" as we say in the hotel biz.

Adam Connolly, our wonderful tree carver, has completed his work of art at the Post Office. Adam has selflessly donated over 2 months of his time, energies and craftsmanship to do this for our village. Please read the information below for the unveiling of Adam's work.

This carving would not have taken place if it was not for the tireless efforts of our Councillor, Brad Armstrong. Brad listened to all "camps," looked at the numbers on the petitions, and helped make it happen.
This Week in Chester

The Chester Playhouse After School Program is back for another season. This is a wonderful way to get your budding thespian on the stage.Your child prodigy will be in the capable hands of tech director and set designer, the divine Mr Bob Elliott and his assistant Seth Cole. Also returning are our patrons of education and driving forces, George and Erin Gore as projections coordinator and producer.

All classes take place at the Wherehouse at the corner of Duke and Regent Streets in Chester. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday classes run from 3- 5:30pm. Thursday's class goes from 3- 4:30pm; Saturday's class is from 10- 11:30am.
Spaces are still available, but note that registration will close Friday, Sept 14th. For enrollment contact the most talented seamstress and organizer in the land, Erin Gore @ 275-5864 or the lovely and tireless Cynthia Myers, ASP's director and facilitator (902) 219-2139.
I want to bottle her energy and sell it.There is a fortune to be made here. Gimme.

Dame Judi Dench needs no introduction. This woman is a power house. Don't miss this screening.You owe it to yourself to be in one of those lovely Chester Playhouse chairs. Did you know those chairs came from the old Hyland theatre in Halifax? You can buy a seat plaque for a chair and have your name inscribed as a permanent supporter of the Playhouse.

Friday the Chester Seaside Farmer's Market is back at the Parade Square from 2-5 pm. I got some interesting pickles there last week from the meat and pie boys. There is every vegetable in the garden in the bottle. They call them "3 Day Pickles" as they take a full three days to make. A bargain at 5 bucks I thought and BTW they're delicious.

Saturday is the unveiling of "SEA BEYOND" at the Chester Post Office @ 11:00 am.  If you enjoy views of the sea, preservation of our heritage, and appreciate the value of unique handcrafted work, then you won't want to miss the unveiling of the new tree carving at the Chester Post Office. Wildlife Sculptor, Adam Connolly, has volunteered over 300 hours of his time to sculpt our old Elm tree (RIP). The Municipality of Chester want to publicly thank him for giving this tree a 'second life' to watch over the Village. Over the last weeks, a donation jar was set up at the Post Office to collect donations in appreciation of Adam's work with the proceeds going to the Municipality of Chester P.R.O. Kids Program. If you didn't have a chance to donate, it's not too late. Please come by for the unveiling to thank Adam, donate to P.R.O. Kids and enjoy cake & refreshments.  It will be a great opportunity to mingle with friends and admire the work of this world famous wood carver who happens to live on Tancook.  Who knows, you may even win a door prize.  Parking is available next door at the Chester Legion's upper parking lot.

On Monday the monarch butterflies are in town - a powerpoint presentation created and delivered by Roberta MacDonald at St. Stephen's Community Parish on Regent Street @ 6:30 pm.This is sponsored by the Chester Garden Club with refreshments to follow. New members welcome. There have been more orange wings in the 'hood than normal this year- go find out why.

On Tuesday there is a free Tai Chi beginners class at St. Stephen's Church Hall @ 64 Regent Street.This beginner class will start September 25 for 12 weeks. Classes are Tuesdays from 10 - noon at  Chester.  For cost/more info, call Sandy @ 275-3249.  Please note that continuing Tai Chi classes are held every Thursday from 10am-12pm at St. Stephen's Church.
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If you want to be well liked, never lie about yourself, and be careful when telling the truth about others.

Suzi Fraser

for the Chester Merchants Group

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5th Press Release!

Chester Merchants Press Release

Labour Day Monday was lovely. Sailboats plied the bay, the Posties had the day off and the NSLC workers were on a beach somewhere with all the bankers.
I cleaned toilets and made beds, Elaine at the Rope Loft  washed dishes. Maybe that's why they call it "Labour" day as a nod to those of us in the hostility industry.

It really feels like fall! I am missing the heat of summer. I poked my nose down the well last night-oh la la.If there's a trout in there, he's swimming in the shallow end.
We need rain.
This Week in Chester

On Thursday evening the Chester Legion is holding registration (upstairs) for budding Sea Cadets from ages 12-18 at 6:30 pm. Cadets will meet on following Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 9:15 pm at the Legion. This is an exciting program for males and females.  It is much more than just drills and marching. Cadets enjoy many different activities including sailing, summer training, music, biathlon, sports, marksmanship and more.There are no fees for joining, uniforms, travel, training or adventure.    1-902-689-2444.

Friday the meat and pie boys are back at the Farmer's Market at the Parade Square from 2-5pm. The produce boys are there as well and it's tomato season! Get down there and purchase some of those red rubies.Tomatoes have been proven to offset all your other vices- get a big bag. Eat - repeat.

This month new featured artists will be showcasing their works at the Train Station Gallery. Stop by and see the works of Paulette Melanson and Sharon Boyd from 10-4pm daily.

Chester Harbour Yoga & Massage Therapy fall yoga classes begin September 9th through October 30th. There is a new Beginners class on Tuesdays at 6pm. Flexibility is not a requirement to begin but may be a consequence. To register call Leigh @ 902-273-YOGA

The above photo is the work of Jim Smith of Nova Scotia Folk Pottery on Duke Street, as a nod to the anniversary of the Titanic sinking.

On Saturday at 2pm the Chester Playhouse presents "Living Titanic" a musical memoir of Nova Scotia's only survivor, Hilda Mary Slayter.
Living Titanic is a story of survival focusing on the human kindness, strength, heroism and even humour in the face of disaster. Hilda, portrayed by Rosalee Peppard, enacts a musical memoir of her life, from her debutante years in Halifax, embarking on a singing career in Europe and her life changing experience aboard RMS Titanic.
Rosalee Peppard is a maritime musical oral "herstorian" who transcribes an authentic echo of the voices of maritime Canadian women through interviews and research. She turns their stories into songs and shares them powerfully, usually in couturier costumes. She has recorded three albums and has received two Dr. Helen Creighton Folklore Research Awards and a Colchester Heritage Award for her outgoing contribution to maritime oral heritage.
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You know you're getting older when you have to find your glasses to make scrambled eggs.

Suzi Fraser

for the Chester Merchants Group