Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28th, 2013 Press Release!

Chester Merchants Press Release

My chestnut tree's leaves are starting to fall.... Each year it's a bit alarming as it's so early, but they are always weeks ahead of any other (I think it's a Chestnut 'lurgi'). I take the positive view that I get to deal with them, and then have a break before the full fall leaf dance.

But it is a sign that things are returning to a quieter pace. In my view, September is the best month of summer - warm days, cool nights, longer shadows and time to breathe....... More time to wander around the village, stop and chat, shop and have a lunch out rather than sandy sandwiches on the beach.

This Week in Chester

The good old Fo'c'sle never misses a beat with season change and continues to serve food till 10pm with live music starting at 8.30pm. On Friday 30th, 'Shawn Hebb Trio' and Saturday 31st, 'Cut, Split, & Delivered'
(Reminder: have you got your wood stacked and drying for the winter yet? If not, do so pronto or there will be no snap and crackle in the hearth when the snow flies)

Chester Harbour Yoga & Massage Therapy invites you to fall back on the wagon and renew your health and fitness goals this Fall. A new term of yoga classes begin September 3rd, with five weekly classes, there is bound to be one to fit your schedule. Did you know yoga improves poise and builds fortitude? Or come in for a physical assessment and massage therapy with Leigh Milne RMT, E-RYT. If you're concerned about diet and nutrition, every Friday Naturopathic Doctor Erin Balodis is in. Call 273 9642 for more information.

Don't forget to buy the season's bounty at the CHESTER ARTISAN & FARMERS MARKET at the Old Train Station/Visitor Information Centre on Hwy 3, North Street Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. There are only a couple more weeks before the growers pack up their tables and peruse the heritage seed catalogues by the fireside. Now's your chance to make all that chutney/jelly/jam that will taste like summer all winter. While at the market, stop by the Train Station Gallery 'Hidden Talents' exhibit - open until the 31st and visit the Oak Island Display. For more info call the VIC at 275-4616.

Autumn is a great time to take note of the bald patches in the garden, to break up the 'bullies', plant a tree, plonk in another perennial. Check out the stock at Oceanview Garden Centre and also the bras hanging in the forecourt in aid of breast cancer awareness. They have already surpassed their target of 1000 (reports say they are close to 1200) but if you whip yours off and add it to the line up, right there and then, perchance another $1 will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation and your bra will end up in Haiti, 'supporting' those in need of support!

If your own garden flowers have faded too fast, pop into Flower, Flowers, Flowers and let Robin put a posy together for you that will make everyone convinced you have the greenest fingers in town.
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small boat

Last weekend's annual Tradewinds Realty Bluenose Championships did not disappoint the crowds ... a T boning, a dismasting and a sinking.
Yes, just another pleasant day of yachting in the Bay.
The winds were brisk- ok - REALLY brisk, and I think a good time was had by all the competitors who didn't have to swim home.
BTW, the Lido will be closing for the season on September 2nd so if you're willing and able, take a dunk, before then, during the public swim hours: Monday to Friday Noon to 1.30 and 5 to 9pm, Saturday and SundayNoon to 9pm. After that it's Freda's Beach, your own private beach or the government wharves.
The Other One 
for the Chester Merchants Group

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21st, 2013 Press Release!

Chester Merchants Press Release

Chester Race Week postmortem :

No casualties. Check.
Gosling rum sales at CYC off the richter scale. Check.
Rope Loft still above water after the parade of the Penguins. Check.
Unidentified person passed out on my couch Saturday morning. Check.

A full on week of everyone looking more beautiful than even they imagined. In the words of my friend Norman, "Youth is wasted on the young."

                                                                      Yes, another successful Race Week.
This Week in Chester

Tonight, Wednesday, the Chester Playhouse is opening their final stage event of the season with "The Red Row" featuring Frank MacKay @ 8pm. The show runs until Saturday with a matinee performance at 2pm that day.
Frank enthralls the audience with his tale of growing up as the son of a hard-working miner in Stellarton back in the 1950s. His gripping narrative brings home the trials of a simpler life in rural Nova Scotia and the brotherhood that existed between the coal miners and their families.  

We have a new playmate in our sand box. "Going Coastal"  fine art and furnishings has joined us here in the Hamlet and you can find them @ 41 Queen Street in the heart of the 'hood.

Shoreham Village is hosting their annual "Swing for Shoreham" golf tournament Thursday, September 5th at the Chester Golf Club. For information and pre registration dial up Wendy @ 902-299-0909.
Friday the farmers in the dell are back at the Train Station with the bounty of the week from 10 am-2 pm. Get over there with your recycled bamboo bag and load up.

Friday night has "Late Night Lover" on stage @ 9 pm at the Fo'c'sle Pub  and "Stolen Tunes" will be on stage Saturday evening at the same time.

Saturday the Chester Municipal Heritage Society presents their Annual House and Harbour tour which starts at 10 am @ the Chester Train Station. Several houses to snoop through - for info call 275-3842.

Sunday evening the Tuesday Night Show Band  is on stage at the Chester Bandstand. Big band jazz from Halifax. Do not miss this. This is one of those ah hah moments in time that you won't forget.
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Buddy has 3 bags at the airline check in at London Heathrow. He puts them down and says to the young lady, "I'd like you to send this one to Los Angeles, that one to Hong Kong and the last one to Durban." Her face shows signs of confusion before her training takes over and she says, "I'm afraid we can't do that, sir."
"Why not? You did the last time I flew with you."

Suzi Fraser
for the Chester Merchants Group

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14th 2013 Press Release!

Chester Merchants Press Release

CHESTER RACE WEEK officially starts today, Wednesday 14th, so either embrace the skill and sails, conviviality and congestion, numbskulls and noise..... or batten down your hatches and re-surface Sunday! Months of organisation by hearty volunteers ensure that over the next few days, our wee hamlet shines on the world class stage of sailing events. The harbours are full of vessels of all shapes and sizes ready to compete in the 'largest keelboat regatta in Canada'. Check out the CYC Race Week schedule and join in the action. Remember that this year there are boat tours for those that don't own their own..... contact Chris Banfield 902 527 8544 for more info.

This Week in Chester

It's non stop action throughout the village - not just on the water:

Wednesday the Rope Loft will have Four Bars: Betty's Jungle Juice Rum Punch Bar & Christine's Keith's Keg Hut. Visit Daniela & Beth's Shooter Bar or run upstairs to Wally & Stephen serving Keith's Draft, gin, rum, vodka & wine. All serving up a storm with the HOPPING PENGUINS starting at 9.30pm. Throughout Race Week, you can grab a breakfast Philly steak & egg Mcmuffin to go (9.30-11am) and their BBQ pit opens daily at 5.30pm.

The Kiwi might still have space for their "Winners of the America's Cup" dinner tonight, Wednesday. Join Olympic sailor, sommelier and cook, Oliver Bone for 5 courses, 5 wines, $80 (cash only). Contact to see if they can squeeze you in.

Start the day off right with a 'Sailor's Breakfast' at the Fo'c'sle, opening early at 9am on Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun. Music at the tavern for Race Week is as follows:
Wed Aug 14 : Peter Grant and Three for Now
Thur Aug 15: George Carter Jr Trio
Fri Aug 16: SWIG!
Sat Aug 17: Electric City Underground

However, if you favour something more sedate than prancing around a dance floor, and want to get a sneak peek of tomorrow's award winning actors, Wednesday at 7pm, Chester Playhouse presents "THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE", the culmination of this year's Summer Theatre School. Performed by actors aged 9-14. The show runs until Saturday 17th, 7pm each night, with a matinee at 2pm on Saturday. For more info/tickets call the Playhouse 275-3933.

To keep up with the pace, nurture your body and run on over to the CHESTER ARTISAN & FARMERS MARKET which promises bounty from the land and sea, delicious baked goods, coffee and crafts + at the Old Train Station/Visitor Information Centre on Hwy 3, North Street Fridays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Your favourite vendors will be there along with many new ones and great musicians! While at the market, stop by the TRAIN STATION GALLERY and the OAK ISLAND DISPLAY: Beginning August 18 until August 31, Hidden Talents will be presenting handy work for your pleasure at the TSG. Open daily 10-4pm. For more info call the VIC at 275-4616.

If it all suddenly seems a bit hectic, take a quiet step back in time and visit  "MAINSTREETS OF THE MUNICIPALITY - THEN & NOW" and  "THE RUTHERFORD COLLECTION" photographic displays at the Lordly House Museum. Vote for your favourite in the People's Choice Competition. Open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sundays from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Also, the "Slow Show" Exhibition is still running at the Chester Art Centre until August 17th. Open daily from 10.00-4.00pm.

As a round off to a fun-filled week, the CHESTER BRASS BAND will be playing at the Chester Bandstand starting 7:00 pm. Children are welcome to dance on the grass. Adults may want to bring a lawn chair. Concerts may be moved or cancelled in heavy rain (not this week!) at the discretion of the performer(s). For more info contact Evelyn Ernst at 634-4435.

STEVE POLTZ is performing at the Playhouse Sunday 18th at 8pm. I know people who have seen Steve perform 3 nights in a row as every show is brilliant and different - you can almost see the cogs going around in his brain and the wicked glint in his eye as he thinks of something to share with the audience - be it song or story. "He is unforgettable in all the right ways......."

Roll on exceptional weather......for Tuesday's PICNIC IN THE PARK with 'PARSONS BROTHERS & FRIENDS' from 6:00 to 8:00 pm in Lordly Park, Chester. Free admission. Bring your family and your picnic and your dancing shoes. Donations for the band gratefully accepted. Sponsored by Chester Pharmasave. Raindate: Tuesday, August 27.  For cancellation notice go to   
sunset row
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Parking spaces might be at a premium this week, but it's well worth coming along and joining in the craziness. The shops are all open, the restaurants geared up, the petunias perfect, the water warm(ish) and barely a raindrop in sight ie. the village in full swing of summer.

The Other One
for The Chester Merchants Group

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 8th, 2013 Press Release!

Chester Merchants Press Release

We're all about arts and sailing this weekend.This is the calm before the Chester Race Week storm which kicks off next Wednesday.

Get in touch with the right side of your brain for this arts weekend and prepare to park your brain next week.
I mean, everyone else does- so why not join the crowd?

Batten the hatches, the crescendo is imminent !

This Week in Chester

Tonight, Wednesday, there are two large events in the village.

The Chester Arts Centre is holding their Great Gatsby themed annual gala tonight.Dinner and many auction items are on the block They are offering some amazing items  this year; a sanctuary in Sarasota or a villa in Anguilla for a week; a helicopter ride over Mahone Bay; Wine, Women and Yoga (a girl's getaway), and so much more!
Please dial up Daisy Buchanan at 275-5789 right now and book your spot for this evening's event.
Click here to preview Auction items.

Also on tonight, the Chester Playhouse is opening the production "Something Small" written by Daniel MacIvor. It starts at 8 pm and runs until Saturday with a matinee performance at 2 pm on Saturday.
The play follows the life of Patricia, a cultured and sophisticated woman retiring from the big city to a small town. She becomes involved in the lives of Birdy, her no-nonsense new housekeeper, and Birdy's anarchist daughter, Dell. These three women, with very different views on life, come together to understand that the solutions to the big problems are often found in the smallest of gestures.

The Train Station Gallery is exhibiting a new selection of work by South Shore artists with featured artist Diane Robertson. Artisan Crafts will be displaying their creative wares until this Sunday.

Stand back ! It's Art's Centre weekend ! Prepare to be bitten by the bug of the brush so that you may release your inner Van Gogh to the world. Failing that just pack your paint by numbers set and join in the fun as there is something for everyone.

The Slow Show kicks off on Thursday in a celebration of the things that matter to twenty of the finest artists working in the Hamlet and surrounds. Works by Theresa Bergen, Malcolm Callaway, Kate Church, Simon Copas, Carol Hansen, Rosi Robinson and Jim Smith and others in all kinds of media - ceramics, oil, soft sculpture, fabric, watercolours and acrylics. The exhibition runs until next Saturday from 10 - 4 pm at the Chester Art Centre, 60 Queen St.

On Friday the Art Festival continues with Kids Create art workshop for short ones. A bit of cloth and colour, a dash of beads, bracelets buttons and badges, and some imagination will see your sprouts heading home with wearable art they'll never take off- ever. Face painting and cupcakes too. This runs from 10 - 1 pm. You must pre register at the Arts Centre @ 275-5789. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Saturday is the annual Art Fair from 9 - 3 pm. Scores of artists and artisans will be showing and selling their wares.  There'll be demonstrations, too - watch a jeweler/ rug hooker/ wood carver do their thing. Music from the group Collage and delicious food and drinks from Julien's Café.
Phew ! OK, back to Friday the weekly Farmer's and Artisan's market is at the Train Station from
10- 2 pm. I got some beautiful high bush blueberries there last week and they were all gone by the time I got home.

Friday evening Amicus Gallery  is opening "Off the Wall," a show of sculpture by several local artists. You know the drill- get there early or you'll miss out.

After you have secured you new doorstop pop around the corner to the Fo'c'sle Pub for a bite and catch the sounds of the Klunkers. I think they sound better than the name implies. Saturday night has Ian Campbell on the stage. The kitchen will be marching out food until 10 pm both nights.

This weekend is the annual Chester Classics Yacht Regatta, a three day event of delightful classic yachts racing in the bay starting Friday at the 1330 gun. Come down to the waterfront and watch these elegant girls vie for the cup. The Rope Loft has their lobster poutine racing out the door these days so why not park yourself there on the dock with a vat of vino and your new crustacean friend.

Stop by Cameron's Antiques at the corner of Valley and North streets on Saturday and check out what Wayne has in the shop. He is very knowledgeable on all things old, so drop in and have a chat.

Sunday evening String Fever will be at the Chester Bandstand @ 7 pm.  Children are welcome to dance on the grass and they better do it this week because after Chester Race week won't be any left.

Also Sunday night the Playhouse presents musicians John Campbelljohn and Stan Carew of Weekend Mornings fame at 8:00 p.m. We love Stan !
John is an exceptional blues musician with great instincts, tastefully concise solos and a no-nonsense approach to giving his fans the good times they have come to expect and love. You won't want to miss what it is sure to be a phenomenal evening performance.

This is new: There are boat tours being offered in the bay next week in conjunction with Race Week. Pack your cooler of goodies and call to book yourself a spot. Sit back, relax and watch the yachts and the world drift by. Nothing finer than a cocktail in your hand while someone else is driving. 902-527-8544
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Next Wednesday the Kiwi Café is hosting olympic sailor Oliver Bone cooking up some International treats with wine pairings as a nod to the America's Cup Challenge in San Francisco. Dial them up to book your seat @ 275-1492.

"I think it is just terrible how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved, winning seven Tour de France races while on drugs. When I was on drugs, I couldn't even find my bike."   Willie Nelson

Suzi Fraser
for the Chester Merchants Group