Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 22nd, 2014 Press Release!

Chester Merchants Press Release


I decided to go for a walk the other day and had the misguided idea to ask my friend to take her dog with me. How hard could it be to walk a dog? Monumental I discovered. The retractable leash was beyond my capabilities as the dog dug his paws in with 70 lbs of canine determination while I dragged him backwards. I returned and was issued a short leash and was shown how to wrap it around his middle for more control. The end result was dragging him sideways. I pulled him two blocks to the beach and found some friends trying to get a boat off the rocks. Mental dilemma : what to do with the dog while I try to help. Clipped the dog to the  picnic bench, waded into the water and pushed and pulled. We were at this for 15 minutes or so when someone realized the dog had chewed through his leash and was wandering around. AAACKK !
Left the friends and the boat still on the rocks, grabbed the dog, tied the leash bits together and headed back.The return trip wasn't as fraught as he knew it was the homeward stretch. I show up on my friend's doorstep squish, squish, squishing in my sneakers, soaked to my thighs with the chewed leash in tatters. The look on her face was priceless.       Next time I am taking my cat.
This Week in Chester

Remember to buy your 50/50 tickets for the OHC lottery. Big money to be won here and all for the right reasons - your health.

Calling all Gingerbreads. Get your oven mitts on and start your engines. Your entry form must be received by November 15th and your sugary split level must be delivered to the Train Station on November 27th.

We have a new partner on the block ! The Chester Gold and Silver Company is located at 34 Queen Street under the Tradewinds building. Their grand opening is this Friday and they will man the shop until Christmas. Stop in and welcome the new kids to the 'hood.

Saturday night the Spinney Brothers are on stage at the Chester Playhouse @ 7:30pm. Heralded all over North America as champions of traditional bluegrass music, the Spinney Brothers are proud to be home, touring in support of their new CD "Tried & True."  The Spinney boys believe in the freshness and excitement of traditional bluegrass music. Brother duet singing, backed by supportive and complimentary instrumentation, is the foundation of their recognizable sound.

Please note that Nicki's Inn is now open from Thursday to Sunday until the first week of December.

Monday the Fo'c'sle is changing tacks and will feature a soup and sandwich special to launch you into the work week.

Monday night the Chester Municipal Heritage Society is hosting a Paranormal evening at St. Stephen's Parish Centre, 54 Regent Street, Chester starting 7:30 pm.  Featuring ghost stories by Gail Smith and Sharon Houghton, with an opportunity for participants to share their own stories.  Special guests from the Paranormal Society will deliver very interesting results of their investigations of the former Train Station in Chester. (902) 275-3826 / 275-3718 for info. Boo !
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"The most powerful antidepressant has 4 paws, fur, and a wagging tail."  Yeah, right.

Suzi Fraser
for the Chester Merchants Group
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